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Pokemon - Type: Null by FictionalCanvas Pokemon - Type: Null by FictionalCanvas
Pokemon Sun & Moon have been a refreshing experience since their release. I've played the game three times already and have loved the general structure of the games. There could be somethings that could be improved but I would think that applies to anything really. One new Pokemon caught my eye though and that was Type: Null. Something about it is pretty neat that I feel very drawn to it. I like the chimera-like appearance it has and just the potential relation it has to Arceus. Ive been so fascinated by this Pokemon that Ive been attempting to get a Shiny one.  Its been a month or so since I started hunting for the Shiny and still no luck... It kinda makes me a bit sad that I still havent got one yet but it cant be helped. I could easily find ways of getting a Shiny easily but I feel that defeats the purpose. In any case, I am still on the hunt for this mon.

Drawing itself was kinda hard for me. Not like my drawings are all that glamorous to begin with but with my current level I found myself struggling. I am still gonna go for those dynamic poses, or what I define dynamic anyway, to get some practice. Was thinking of making Null do a swipe scratch motion but found it a bit complex. If anything with any of my old art I can always make another version down the line once I get better. But yeah, hopefully it's okay.
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February 26, 2017
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